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Turquoise parrotlets:      

  • White PIED Turquoise parrotlet  (many)
  • Dilute Blue (white) Turquoise parrotlet   (many)
  • Blue Pied Turquoise parrotlet   (many),
  • Blue turquoise parrotlet   (many),
  • Blue (gray or silver) Fallow Turquoise parrotlet 
  • Blue Fallow Pied Turquoise parrotlet  
  • White Fallow Turquoise parrotlet (cremino) (few)
  • Blue turquoise split to yellow AND fallow 
  • Blue Turquoise split to yellow OR fallow pattotlet (double splits) 

 Pied parrotlets: 

  •  White PIED parrotlet  (many)
  •  Blue Pied  parrotlet  (few)
  •  Blue Pied split to Yellow or Fallow parrotlet (few)
  •  Blue Pied Turquoise parrotlet  (few)
  •  Blue Fallow Pied Turquoise parrotlet  (n/a)

 Fallow Parrotlets:   

  •  White Fallow  parrotlet  (N/A)
  •  Blue Fallow pied parrotlet    (N/A)
  • Blue Fallow parrotlet   (few)
  • Blue Pied split to Yellow or Fallow parrotlet  (few)
  • Blue split Fallow parrotlet   (few)
  • Blue Fallow Pied Turquoise parrotlet  (few)
  • Blue Fallow Turquoise parrotlet   (few)

 Other Parrotlets:  

  • Dilute Blue (White) parrotlet   (many)
  • Blue parrotlet  (few)
  • Yellow split Blue parrotlet  (N/A)
  • Blue split Yellow or fallow  parrotlet   few)

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