Welcome to: jbaviary.com

Buy one get the 2nd one    FREE     of the same mutation or price

I will share my 17 years of extensive experience raising parrotlets, including: 

  • genetic breeding by design
  • genetic pairing to produce maximum number of babies and mutations
  • Feeding, nesting, and advice about common baby bird illnesses;

 Lost bird helper of 11 years,  must downsize my aviary to minimum )


Soon I will share my experience of genectic pairing to produce the VERY HIGHEND FANCY parrotlets. such as:

White(dilute) turquoise,   White turquoise pied,   Blue turquoise pied,    Creamino,  blue fallow turquoise pied   . . .

Also I will share my “genectic pairing by design knowledge, another word if you want a specific mutation parrotlet, except the “black or red parrotlet”, I can show you how to put two parrotlets togather, based on the genes that each bird requires to carry, be able to produce the kind babies you hope to have.

Please be patient  !!